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Once you have had a chance to look through our site we hope you will come along and try one of our trial classes to experience first-hand our personal protection classes. We always aim to provide a friendly, welcoming and safe training environment where you can learn the skills, tactics and confidence to safely navigate the modern world.


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Perhaps you are looking at our site because you want to learn practical, no-nonsense self defence skills for a more chaotic world, or perhaps you are simply looking for a fun and engaging way to get in shape; either way, First Response Personal Protection is the right place for you.


At 1st Response Personal Protection we believe that the ability to protect yourself or a loved one is the most important skill you never have to use. We also believe that anyone and everyone can learn the skills needed to manage fear, learn to avoid danger and if needed have the physical skills to defend and escape a dangerous situation. Our classes teach you the mental as well as the physical skills you need; leading to an increase in self-confidence and awareness in addition to improved fitness and physical skills. You will find the mental conflict management skills you will learn cross over into everyday life, helping to improve other aspects of your personal and work life.


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Worried about being intimidated or bullied in class? Fear not – we strictly enforce a policy of inclusion and insist egos are left at the door. No-one, from our friendly and professional instructor team to our members, will ever force you to do something you are not comfortable with; nor will you be bullied or victimised at any time. We believe in showing and teaching you what you can do, not showing off what we can do.


Whether you are young or old, fit or out of shape; you will soon find yourself at home in our friendly group classes. Our combination of Krav Maga training, coupled with the SPEAR/Personal Defense Readiness system, quickly equips you with practical skills that will stay with you for life. You will get fitter, you will improve your confidence and reduce stress and you will make new friends.


We look forward to seeing you soon!