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1st Response Personal Protection

At 1st Response Personal Protection we are passionate about making you safer. Whether you choose our regular classes, one to one/small group bespoke training or attend one of our courses you will learn simple, effective FEAR management principles and instinctive physical tools to enable you to survive a violent encounter.

We believe that the best way to survive an attack is to avoid it in the first place, which is why we not only teach the physical side of reality based self defence, but also equip you with the knowledge to detect and defuse a situation long before you need to defend yourself. Our highly qualified team is also well placed to cover the legal, moral and ethical questions that arise when learning any combative system.

Regular Classes

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Our Story

Making you safer since 2011

The school has been teaching defensive tactics and awareness since it opened 2011.

​We teach a combination of Israeli Krav Maga (Krav Maga Global) and the Tony Blauer SPEAR Personal Defense Readiness systems.

Male or female, young or old; we can make you safer!

​Our classes cover not only the physical aspects of self defence, but also the psychological and emotional. UK law with regards to self-defence is examined and applied to each situation, as is the post-conflict process, giving you the best tools for your toolbox.

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Don’t just take our word for it

“Serious stuff delivered in a friendly, light hearted and highly effective way. Instruction is superb and techniques always related to real life situations. No ego allowed. Highly recommend if you want to learn how to defend yourself.”

– H. Packman

“I joined 2 years ago and I have learned a great deal of skills. Stephen has a great way of teaching and is easily absorbed. Has a great knowledge of the subject. The technics taught are adequate and applicable to real life situations.”

– G. Schneider

“Stephen is an outstanding teacher, his understanding of the mechanics of self defence is amazing, and he is great at translating that knowledge to students, and whether you are young or old small or large he’s the guy!”

– R. Grant



“Stephen, the instructor, teaches real world examples in a manner that is easily understood.
If you want to be Jason Bourne in a fictitious world this is not the class for you, if you want to protect yourself and your family from real world threats this class will open your eyes and help you understand what you should be prepared for.”

– S. Fear

“I started training with 1st Response Protection 6 years ago and I am still training there now! I came into the class with a background in MMA, Tae Kwon Do and kick boxing, not to mention another self defence class and this is by far the most ‘real world’ out of the lot!
Excellent instruction by Stephen Hollingdale backed by world class organisations that he has trained with and qualified with. You will not find better tuition and insight into real world self defence than this class. Join up, it may save your life one day!
P.s if you can find a more reasonably priced sports class, let alone self defence class anywhere else in Surrey then it is probably not worth going to!”

– J. Booker

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